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Leaders International is a recruitment firm specializing in board level positions , leadership succession , and executive recruitment assignments based on Leadership Dynamics. Leadership Dynamics looks beyond economic value (Human Capital) to analyze and predict how senior leaders impact an organization’s capacity to drive innovation, create sustainable growth and influence its capacity to adapt in the face of constant change. Because we seek partnerships and not mandates, we take at heart the importance of “Accuracy” and “Fit” through a proven methodology that always meets our clients needs.

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Leaders Report®

The Leaders Report®is an in-depth customized analysis of the industry’s highest performing leaders, developed based on your unique needs. It is an invaluable tool that accelerates the recruitment process, and ensures that all recommendations are based on validated data. You can rest at peace that you have all the info you need to make an informed decision.

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The effectiveness of the process Leaders International uses to select Board members is mainly due to two factors: first, they look for people with values that are compatible with those of higher manag…
Jude MartineauCA, ASC Corporate Director
Every time I’ve had the opportunity to entrust  Richard with an assignment, not only did he help our organization recruit and integrate talents that were critical to our growth, but he also turned …
Marc BlondeauEx-Senior Vice President, Rogers Publishing Limited
Richard Joly has been an exceptional guide in helping us implement our Board of Directors. His thoughtful advice and solid competencies in the area of governance has greatly helped our shareholders id…
Robert SaliccoPresident and CEO, Decarel
We’ve had the opportunity to test Leaders International’s methodology. The Leaders Report, which was presented to us during the project, helped us support the recommendation of our final candidate w…
Yves GosselinPresident and CEO, BP Building Products of Canada Corp.
Mr. Joly and his team are top professionals, listening to their clients to understand their issues and find the candidate who has not only the required expertise, but also a system of values that will…
M. Albert FalardeauPresident of Familiprix Inc.
The people on the Leaders International team are high-level professionals. We work with them as if they were part of our own team. They thoroughly understand our needs, our reality, and our company cu…
Dany ParadisEx-Vice-President, Change Management and Supply chain, Fibrek